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About 5Square

We partner with developers, investors, and private lenders with diligently selected real-estate projects. We enable you to participate in mutually profitable deals via flexible investing and funding options…

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Capabilities & Services

Successful track record
High-quality assets
Robust lending panel
Investment management
Above-average returns
Experienced team
Risk management
Development management
Multi-geo expertise
Strong partnerships
Multi-funding solutions
Advisory services

Maximising value

Cost-effective, transparent solutions for real estate investing & lending

We have a proven record of unlocking value for investors, developers and private lenders by selecting, collaborating with, and focusing on real estate projects with optimum growth potential across market cycles.

  • If you’re a developer, we help you access flexible financing.
  • For investors, we provide a selection of profitable investment options.
  • Lenders joining our panel get easy access to our best projects that need funding.

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